Types of E-Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes, also known as E-cigs or e-cigarettes have become very popular in recent times since their invention in 2003 by Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist. Every other smoker and vaping enthusiast wants to own one. Just like any other product, they have evolved. Companies are now incorporating new ideas and technologies to make the perfect product for vaping enthusiasts. They are available in different shapes, sizes and each has different functionality depending on the user. Even though there can be many variations of e-cigarettes, they can all be categorized in to 3 different types. Here are the 3 mainstream e-cigarette types.

Best Types of E-Cigarettes

(i) Mini E-Cigs

Mini E-Cigs, also known as cig-a-likes are designed almost exactly as traditional cigarettes. They are lightweight and share the same handling just like normal cigarettes. They are normally used by first time users as well as smokers who want to sneak back to their nicotine addiction discreetly. Cig-a-likes are widely available and also affordable. They are available in 2 options; disposable and rechargeable. They are further varieties categorized depending on their threads and also size.

Pros & Cons

Mini E-Cigs are advantageous because they are just like the normal cigarettes. Vaping enthusiasts can tuck them in their pockets just like traditional cigarettes. They are also the best way to start out or get back to your thing without drawing any attention.
However, they have short battery life and can’t fully satisfy users from their smoking urge. It also limits users from upgrades.

(ii) Mid-Size E-Cigs & Vape Pens

The second type of E-cigs are the mid-size e-cigs, also known as vape pens. Unlike the mini-cigs, vape pens are larger in size and can be confused with pens hence the name, vape pens. They are crafted based on the 510 – 3-piece designs although a few borrow from the 2-piece. Mid-size e-cigs are ideal for heavy smokers as they offer a more satisfying smoking session and their battery life is much more enhanced. Vape pens are available in manual options and are operated by pressing a button.

Pros & Cons

Vaping pens have several advantages. First, they have a more satisfying smoking experience compared to cig-a-likes courtesy of the stronger and more efficient vapor production. Their battery life is longer and the manual operation offers a more traditional smoking experience. The threading also enables users to switch to a variety of options as well as upgrades.
The only undoing with vape pens is its manual operation and the slightly larger size than traditional cigarettes.

(iii) Advanced Personal Vaporizers (APVs)

Advanced Personal Vaporizers, or mods are the most sophisticated and are ideal for vaping maniacs. They sport complex designs and have a wide range of features. APVs are available as tube mods or box mods. Tube mods use a thick tube while box modes use a box the size of a cigarette pack. They also have several features like electronic control, digital displays, wattage settings and larger vaping tanks. They are manually operated and require skill to get the best out of them.

Pros & Cons

APVs are the best in terms of offering satisfying vaping experience. In fact, they are 3 times more efficient than mini e-cigs. Their battery life is superb, so is their design and material quality. They also have extra convenience features that make them fully customizable.

The only disadvantage with e-cigs is the high price tag and battery safety because they use Li-ion battery technology. However, with proper care, there is no cause for alarm.


As e-cigs are increasingly becoming popular, more companies are manufacturing them and reinventing them using new technologies. Also, more people are being introduced to this new form of smoking. However, it is important to first start with the mini e-cigs as you advance to other sophisticated types like the APVs. Assess your needs before buying any e-cig. If you are a starter, the mini e-cig is the best for you. For intermediates, the mid-size would and for the vaping enthusiasts, APVs are the best!